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Person imagining the next step in communications. (Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash)

What we do.

What if… you have a vision that breaks down barriers?
What if… you are a pioneer breaking through to new horizons?
What if… your activities take you far from well-trodden paths?

Your communication needs don't stop with mobile network coverage. If you are operating and thinking outside the box, you still need to communicate with the rest of the world. This is where we from AI Sat can help you.

In a world where data is power and interconnectivity is continuously increasing, there are still uncharted frontiers and gaps in coverage. We specialise in the creative application of advanced satellite communications connecting the Internet of Things to maritime, land and air-based services. Our headquarters are located in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, with its strong naval history and maritime presence, currently home to one of the fastest growing creative sectors in the country.


Satellite Communications

We have the partners, technology and knowledge to establish a connection between any two points on the globe and the airspace above.


Creative Ideation

We are heavily invested in creative ideation and cognitive innovation. We apply these techniques and tools to the benefit of our customers, to develop novel satellite applications outside the box.


Globally Local

Based in the South West UK for many years, we understand the people and the problems of the local area. At the same time, as world-travelling researchers and innovators, we work with a global community of business partners. Our unique access to the global satellite industry allows us to develop local applications with global reach, and address global challenges with local pragmatism.

When trying to piece different things together, AI Sat can help with the Satellite Communication.
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Expert Sessions

In our regular Expert Sessions, we invite business leaders, academics, and enthusiasts to contribute their perspectives to collaboratively develop new ideas that push existing boundaries and generate disruptive interventions for a better future. Get in contact if you would like to learn more about our activities or take part in one of our expert sessions.

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Providing the expertise you need to test your ideas.

From Idea to Service

From sketch-pad to application, we support your ideas and projects with our expertise in prototyping and implementing ideas. With our satellite communication networks, not even the sky is the limit. Ask us what we can do to support your ideas and dreams.

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